Let Me Address This Stupid Kandyman x DailyPiff Situation. LOL

Hey Guys it’s Lala aka UrbanxBarbie. I just need to address this Kandyman x DailyPiff situation cause some people don’t get why i am apart of this whole thing. lol. Here it goes….I started this blog alone a long time ago after getting tired of my blogger. It was doin well for when i actually got a chance to post cause i neverrrrr really get a chance to post with my busy schedule. Anywhoo…Kandyman, a “so-called” homie of mine asked to get a  spot on my blog. So i agreed especially because his popularity would bring ALOT of traffic to the site…and it did! I’m talkin’ thousands of viewers a day. So some months go by && all a sudden some random guy on twitter “DailyPiffCEO” or somthin like that hits me up on twitter talkin bout how deep are my pockets & all  this other bull about how he wants to sue. It was verry unprofessional & i could automatically tell i was bouta be dealin’ with some ignorance. So i hit up Kandyman to see what’s goin on and apparently the posts Kandyman was doin over on his part of my blog “The Random Truth,” which i actually never read && never really cared to, was copyright from this Piff guy. He had all the right to be mad and i supposed Kanyman was handling everything with him, as he said he would, cuz he never hit me up again. Everything was deleted by Kandy right away and idk where they were supposed t’go from there. Anywhoo down the line a post comes up on the Piff guys blog about Kandyman and i being “exposed.” It was whatever…a couple lame jokes here and there about pictures Kandy and I have. In the end my point is i had nothing t’do with this situation because as you kno i never post, ignorant jokes, stories, and all that other stuff. If you wanna see all that plus “booty shaking contests,” and all that bull i suggest you head over to The Daily Piff. I mean this situation is the story of this guys life, he’s been goin on about it for like a month now. Theres not much traffic being sent here from that post but i still felt like i hadda say somthin for those who do come. I’ve learned my lesson && from now on I blog ALONE! Even though this blog is abbandoned for now because iv’e moved back to one of my blogspots…this is strictly fashion, music, art, culture, personal life and the such. && PLLLZZZ BELIEVE i have nothing to do with that “Killer Truth” website. Thank You!!! 🙂

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