Team Uffie!

So with all this Ke$ha hype right now i’ve been busting out all my electro-hop mixtapes in rebellion. I don’t like the girl and if you ask me, her flow in “Tik Tok” was a blatant rip off from Uffie. I mean the first time i heard the song on the radio i got lowkey excited like, “OMG! Uffie’s on the radio!” lol. Errm no! If your a Ke$ha fan i’m not knocking you, you don’t have to like Uffie but she HAS been in the game longer && SHES BETTER! There i said it! Hmmph, there, i said it! Go listen to JUSTICE’s “The Party” featuring Uffie && tell me it ain’t so.

No! Matter fact i’ll post it right here right now…listen.

Anywhoo, here’s my favorite song by Uffie, Pop The Glock. This is what i was posting in the first place before my minor rant. Enjoy…


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