Aye, Aye…Aye your Mama’s Back!

Still can’t get enough of this song…love the video. Miss Jack Davey has amazing style && if i could rock anyone else’s hairstyle for a day it would definitely be hers. I’m wayy too much of a wuss to cut my hair tho, i freak out when my stylist cuts off a couple inches of dead ends (yea, that bad.) P.S. if your making a smart-ass comment about her jocking Cassie slap yourself cuz she’s been rockin’ this foreverr & a day. Cassie hadda have an inspiration too ya kno. Anywhoo…enjoy!


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One response to “Aye, Aye…Aye your Mama’s Back!

  1. j davey is thee coolest!. Cassie doesn’t stand a chance lol

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