Love my Izziie Babiie

Lol. So i’m sitting here watching this The Hope For Haiti thing && attempting to blog since i’ve finally finished my Fabric Identification homework, super intensivee homework! Anywhooo i’m also on Facebook and one of those lil notifications pops up…my wifey poo (no rainbows) drew a Grafitti on my page as a response to my Team Uffie post. it’s cute…my favorite part is the PINK BOOTS! haha. love thattt beetcchhh!

So onto other thingss…i’m still watchin this Hope For Haiti thing && i also just seen a great tweet from my homie Brent. I knew i wasn’t the only one who felt this way…

This is how i feel as well && I’m not saying not to give BUT your money is going to a general fund. A non profit organization can NOT turn over the money that fast. Like i said it it’s gonna go into a general fund that will be decided on where to distribute later & thats gonna take some time. It’s not going straight to these people in Haiti. It’s very rare that it’ll actually get to the people who need it. That’s the saddest thing that no one is telling you, and there so much more. 😦


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