XXL Freshman 2010

Ehhh…so far i haven’t been trippin bout who’s made the list but i must say today i am very dissapointed. -_-

I was watching the latest freestyle drop, && for the first time actually trying to figure out who it was, until i heard, “Aye!” Oh gawwwwwddd! I was drinking a bottle of Evian & almost choked on it. OJ Da Juiceman??? Forreal Tho? Might as well put ME on the list. I can drop some bars!! Imma juss let ย it go today && give them this one tho. Only because they had an oddball out last year as well. Remember Ace Hood made the list? Gotta keep a “the other guy” on the list i suppose. SMH. Nonetheless, I am still highly disappointed and forced to end this post with the wretched video along with a BIG WHALE FACE.

and the whale face … ย -__-


for those who haven’t been keeping up. Here are the other freshman who made the list so far.


honestly, dnt kno who the heck he is but anywhoo…

Wiz Kahlifa


yeeeaaaaa! he’d deff make my list. Off Top!

Nipsey Hussle

Yess! West coast!!! Husslee Hussleee!


ahhh…yess more west coast! I’m bias towards my L.A. rappers. sorry y’all but i gotta love ’em…plus i like his freestyle best so far ๐Ÿ™‚

J. Cole

a few shades darker && J.Cole would be soooo yummy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Big Sean

He’d top my personal list. Since the day Supa Dupa dropped last year i’ve been a fan. ask anyone…

Freddie Gibbs

He’s from my lowkey hometown. Gary, Indiana. Never really listened to him but by the freestyle he seems like the truth, that gets props! I swear on everything this doode used to kick it with me && the homies across the alley from my granny’s last summer tho. I gotta see bout that…swear thass him tho. lol

Let’s see who got next… ๐Ÿ™‚


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