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103 responses to “The Random , The Truth , The Funny

  1. Lmaooo!
    I love this, I hate ALL that stuff to especially the music, then some ppl be like y’all be quiet, I can’t think. Why yo dumb a$$ can’t think?

  2. Harlem

    hahaa! i turn down the music every time I have to think. I don’t know why I do that haha. This some funny stuff i never thought about.

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  4. smh hahahahaha wow for real tho i was dyin at the part about the bad teeth i hate that too but the stomach hurting had me weak as hell its all real shit tho

  5. ChEVEllE

    thE FUNNiESt ONE iS thE ONE ABOUt thE bOyFRiENdS bREAKiN Shit, thAM bitChES bEttER bE hAPPy AbOUt it NOt bEiN thEy ASS.

    & AbOUt thE hERPES ON. SMh
    itS BitChES OUt hERE SO NASTy thEy NOt EVEN gONE tEll A NiGGA thEy gOt thAt Shit, ANd NiGGAS AiNt EithER, SO MUthAFUCKAS bE FUCKd EithER WAy. lOl

    StRAP EM’ UP !!

  6. rhondiie

    Lmao.diiz shiid had me rolln!!

  7. T-tree

    Ahh,,dis shyt 2ooh fuccin funni all dis shyt really speak the fuccin truth like all uv it i dnt even hav a fav 1. Cuz dat shyt had tears runnin down ma face smh.aye,,keep it ^ das sum real random ass true shyt.

  8. J~Beezy

    That shit whas Killer. Lol

  9. raquel

    Lmfaooo,, this shit is tooo funny !

  10. CeeCee

    im Loving it
    Glad I actualy found sum one who’s not affraid to put the TRUTH out in the 0pen`!

    ” TW0 THUMBS UP “

  11. TracY

    This has tO be the funniest thing EVER! … gOOd job

  12. This Is So Random Yett So True. Tht Whole Barbie Sh*tt Ugh i Hatee Girlsz Tht Call ThemSelves Tht!! Lolsz Goodd Jobb :]

  13. Breezy

    0mgg I was dumb laughing ab0ut the 2 flies 0n the b*tches foehead.

  14. JD

    Yeah that barbie shit is stupid…its not even acceptable 4 celebs 2 call themselves that…

  15. rhondiie

    Man femalez 2day kiilliin da barbiie shiid.harajuku also.n nicki miinaj wuz not da first 2 hav da name harajuku n her name….rememba gwen stefanii n them harajuku giirlz? Yeeessss….n ii bet these siimple basiic ass chiiqz dnt even kno wha harajuku mean or iiz. 4 one iitz a distriict n japan n lotz of giirlz express ther stly bii weariin lotz of colorz, colorful plastic jewelry, crazii knee hii sockz, makeup, n wild ass colorful haiirstylez, n dat got damn hello kiitty! Thy luv dat shiid.but u cnt b original wiitout beiin copiied sooooo run wiit dat.

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  17. bebe

    finally a person who speaks on real shit im lovin it

  18. Jazzy

    Omg this is hilarious hahaha. Super funny

  19. demi

    ahaha this shxt is funny Af

    my favorite was the one on black spanish and white girls.. ahah

    im spanish & white so i got both of emm.


  20. dyss hyt isz so ru nd funny hanx fa seakin duh funny azz real truth

  21. HollyGeeh.

    Funny AF! This is some real stuff, & i love it 🙂 . You never can get any more real than this. LoL.

  22. Alanna =]

    Damn…this was GOOD shit..I was def LMAO.
    Readin this shit faded was too funny.
    The bitch with the 2 flies on her forehead…smh at that dumb bitch haha

  23. Jazzy

    Omg this is too funny. Hilarious

  24. Shit was weak c6o’zuldn’t even read all 6o’f dis weak shit fareal. Stick wit da pr6o’M6o’ztin cuz y6o shit weak homeb6oy

    Lame ass

  25. marisha

    funny shit, love the honest!!

  26. presha pReE

    All laughs (y wud I lie)!!

  27. Revermarie [ecstacy n pearls]

    I couldn’t stop laughing AT ALL i was in psychology class trying to help a “patient”, & just laughing in their face … poor guy :-[ lol, the flies part KILLED me i almost pee’d my pants, ” I said “you got two flies on your forehead”  This b*tch had the nerve to say “it’s ok, they’ll go away” No b*tch, they will not go away if you don’t swat them away. ” COMEDY -_-

  28. Kazz

    This was some really funny shit!!!!! LoL on the real…..But the part about Fuq`n Fat girls in the car is not true. LoL[trust me]

  29. Nefertima

    this shyt had me dying..all this stuff is so true but funny at the same u gone have every nigga questioning thier girl afta they come from the club

  30. Kandy_SwoSweet

    Like I almost peed….”No matter how many times you pass on the pu**y, you should never pass on head” LOL

  31. T-tree

    Ahh tht fat bitch shyt in the car classic!!!! I neva heard sum10 like dat b 4 funni

  32. afly

    pahaahahahaha my favorite was the black girls fuck best spanish girls got the best pussy and white girls give the best head. haha im a spanish girl mixed with a little bit of white and hear that i dance like a black girl lmao. yess !!

  33. Rae

    Lmaooo. Funniest Shit Ever [&+) Everythinq Truee.. Madd Funnnnnnny =)

  34. mrs.bitch

    Man this shit had me laughin n tears. That’s some truthful shit ma nigga…..lmsao……

    Keep it up cuz ppl need 2 realize this shit

  35. CHELLY B.

    man disss dude iz too funny…..funny character..l0l..all laughs!!

  36. Damn this shit iz jokes

  37. yellow bonee

    funny as fuck, these some real issues he talkin bout people. . yall need to step yo game up , he givin you all the help you need lol keep this shit up tho


  38. ok , i know these is jokes and i have a good sense of humor but i must say something. if we (black people) embraced and empowered each other more we wouldn’t have to worry about hanging with white people. we are the only race of people that tear each other down with labels like “ugly” & “Bad”. Like being light skinned is better than having color or being dark. just because you dark don’t make u ugly and just because u light skinned that don’t make u bomb. Labels only cause self hate.I guess willie lynch’s plan is working (google him). When i hang with white people i get a different experience. Like they compliment me and show the love that I don’t get from my race of people. On the other hand black people are to concerned about how ugly and bad a person is. im not sayin white people are perfect or that there are no good black people , I’m just sayin we need to love one another. lets let go of labels like fat,skinny,straight,gay,black,white, etc.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. p.s. i love my people & being BLACK!!!!!!!

  39. ThatChick

    I just spent a good 10 mins. Reading this whole thing lmao u r so funny but then again so true

  40. charli_b

    lmaoo ! kandyymann u onee real and funny person , on mee . u hadd me roll`n !

  41. Caro adjei

    all dha shyt yhu sed es vrai(french). luv it. got me laughing now ma jawz hurtin.

  42. ladysmiley2fresh

    Omg all tht’s so true lol, it’s lyke your readin my mind all the time lol

  43. Kiaondamic

    Man why da girl name gotta be Kia tho? lol. Naw but u was keepin it real too many chicks are scandalous like dat can’t wait 4 part 3 on dat! An article 2 was on point and def a gettin a good look @ da mens perspective of why dey cheat on their “baby mamas” i’m glad I ain’t a baby mama shit, i’m holdin out for da ring! lol

  44. ka$h

    Lmfao .. Omg Thisz Shitt Isz Soo Fkknn Halarious

  45. lmao . comedy (even though i didnt read everything )


    follow me –

  46. oh em geeeee, this ishh had me on my ass dying laughing. you know when you type “LOL” & yer not rly laughing? well i laughed hard.

    good shit, keep em coming 🙂

  47. Lol! Mann this shit is funny dude! The whole time im sitting here laughing my azz off. My dude looking @ me saying W.T.F is so funny ii wanna laugh 2. Lmao

  48. D0M0


  49. lmaooo you hella funny 4 all this shit str8 drop the Quan &nd Kia story is the funniest.

  50. lmaoo you ah funny nigga 4 all this shit swear I’m kry`n ma eyes out the quan &nd kia shit is the funniest.

  51. muhree

    THIS shit was hilarriouss ,
    This dude is the gutsss ,
    Keepin it straight real /

    Funniest part to me was the Afro – crack & the fat ppl that need pillows under they feet lmmaoooo , comedy

  52. lil'bit

    your stories funny af…… im waiting on part 5 lol

  53. Mii$$ B

    THiiz $hiit 0n H3R3 iiz $UP3R TRU3 T0 TH3 MAX…BUT ii G0T $UMTHiiN ii WANNA $HAR3…N0W THiiz $UM $HiiT ii JU$ D0N’T G3T &ND UND3R$TAND &ND iiMMA F3MAL3 L0Lz …ii FU**’N HAT3 WH3N F3MAL3$ B3 ALL 0N A NiiGGA Dii** T0UGH && TH3Y CALL TH3M$3LF “TH3 GF” 3V3N TH0 AiiN’T NU10 0FFiiCiiAL BUT A$ $00N A$ A NiiGGA CHANG3 UP 0N YU ,YU WANNA BL0W UP TH3Y F0N3 && $HiiT…F3MAL3z TAK3 N0T3 iiF TH3 Nii**A AiiN’T T3XT’N YU BACk,AiiM’N YU 0R CALLiiN YU BACk THAN B**** H3 D0N’T WANT YU G3T 0V3R iiT $0 YU WANNA G3T ALL BUTT HURT && CALL THAT Nii**A A BiiT** P_$$Y A$$ N*GGA && ALL THAT G3T 0V3R iiT && G3T 0V3R YA$3LF CUHz iiF YU DiiDN’T R3ALLY CAR3 0R iiF YU R3ALLY WA$N’T TRiiPPiiN LiiK3 YU $AiiD YU WA$ THAN YU W0ULD HAV3 JU$ $AiiD F**k iiT && M0V3’D 0N …BUT A$ $00N A$$ A G00D GUY Nii* WANT YU &ND H3 TR3ATz YU G00D YU D0N’T WANT TH3M…B**CH FALL BACk YU D0N’T kN0W WTF YU WANT G3T 0V3R YA$3LF
    ii jus had to g3t that 0ff my ch3st but f33l fr33 t0 c0mm3nt 0n iit

  54. ashlyn

    Wow!!! Kandyman ur ah mess!!!! This shit is funny some tru not all but mah fav one is wen talk about pple actin sus after u tell they ass no! Smh!!!! U need to have it where females give u the dumshitt niggas do!!!! All bad! So wat happends with mence he go to jail for kill the nigga infront of the hospital! We shud co write! Im an apspiring author!

  55. Brianna

    This shit is toooo fuckin funny!!!!! but it’s true at the same time, but you GNR over here lol

  56. sooooo funny the truth hurts but its real i love it.

  57. TiiNA.Dee

    this shxt be havin me weak i dun showed ALL ma friends and i havent got uh bad reaction yet…KEEPit comin 🙂

  58. LAURA


  59. G'

    I read every single article… this nigga is TOO funny. Everything he said is true too

  60. CaramelGaberial

    soooooooo funny! like really that lotto shit is how i be feeling

  61. yaddi

    man this shit is hella funny kuz its all so true.

  62. nene brO'

    shxt is suuuuper funny . damm REAL shiit thO’

  63. do u give relationship advice too Mr. Kandyman?

  64. Virneisha :)

    omfg! that shit was hilarious!

    ma fav part was “nigga yu scared 2 ask a mutha fucka wut they lookin at!?”

    shit had mee rollin fa dayssss!!!


  65. ceeeeceeee

    the one about pubic hairs on the soap bars is the best, everyones dealt with that shitt.
    made me literally lol inside classs .

  66. chellypie

    lmfaooo i loved the part about the pubic hair on soap bars, we’ve all been through it

    haaha i love the site! please add more articles, i read em everydayy..

  67. chellypie

    lmfaooo i loved the part about the pubic hair on soap bars, we’ve all been through it

    haaha i love the site! please add more articles, i read em everydayy..

    love it !<33

  68. Revermariee

    ok sooo why do people ‘rollercoaster type’ that shit is sooo UGLY like miss.b up there, “B**CH FALL BACk YU D0N’T kN0W WTF YU WANT G3T 0V3R YA$3LF
    ii jus had to g3t that 0ff my ch3st but f33l fr33 t0 c0mm3nt 0n iit”

    eww, its not hard to just spell.

  69. LaLaXoRiGiNaL

    The funniest part about it, is that it is ALL TRUE! smh this mess is jst maxx hilarious.. keep it up! watch em when copy.

    iREP [U.S.G.]

  70. Camille

    That last one is what Tiger Woods tried lol

  71. If you want to break them up, you need video footage or pictures of them doing some sh*t. It’s 2010 baby we need to see the footage. | Lmfao CLASSIC

    B*tch go head with those lil kid games, if you want both ya t*tties around my d*ck just say so. | HAHAHA

    lol, B*tch you liked that sh*t, you lil whore. | *DEAD*

  72. CaramelGaberial

    lmao!.I see females feeling dudes and just standing next to em all the time. Not doing shit, people don’t care, u betta open your damn mouth

  73. Rae

    This Shit Neva Getss Old. Everytime I Read This Im In Tearss. Pure Genuis. Lmaoooooooo .


  75. Denise

    Your stories are very disturbing

  76. Denise

    Lovee the random rants though, they keep me entertained at work =)

  77. ChEVEllE

    ShitS jUSt tOO fUNNy.
    “yOU tRiCkEd ME bitCh, iM tAKiN it PERSONAl”.

  78. Shanell

    Omg..I hella love your random posts. This is like the realest shit I ever read

  79. Hands down funniest shit eva!!!

  80. Niecy

    Kandy Kandy Kandyman .. u know ur always on point! [A mutha f*cka will think of any reason to touch a sexy b*tch] This is more than just the random truth! Shiieeezz

    Know that ur shit is read overseas as well, me &nd my girls just love.lovee ur articles!

    Keep us entertained.x!

  81. ChEVEllE

    i thOUGh thAt bitCh WAS PREGNANt.

  82. ChEVEllE

    ANNNNNd, i AlMOSt SAid lOOSE My hEARiNg.
    bUt i dONt KNO WhAt thE fUCK i WOUld dO iF i COUldNt hEAR MUSiC. lOl

  83. Shanell

    In response to article 39, a man crying does not impress me or make me feel bad. Half of the time, they be fake crying just because they know they fucked up and women are usually suckers for men crying, so they feel if they cry the woman will feel sorry for them and consider taking them back. Not I. You can save them crocodile tears, muthafucka. Just ’cause you crying don’t mean I’ma get back with you. It just means I’ma have something to add to the story when people ask why we broke up..”yea, he cheated on me..I broke up with his ass..then he start crying on the phone like a lil bitch”.

  84. ChEVEllE

    OMG !!
    thAt lEttER iS REdiCUlOUSly fUNNy.

    “hOW thE fUCK AM i SUPPOSEd tO PlAy hidE & gO SEEK w.| thESE MUthAfUCKAS” lMAO

  85. Lina

    this is the funniest and realest shxt on the internet , my favorite ones are the one about waiting at the fast food place and the santa letter , keep them coming shxt hilarious .

  86. jO, this shit had me rollin’. !!

    I love it.

  87. omfg the funniest blog i EVER read. i read all the blogs in one night and was laughing my as* off. THANKS! keep it up..& love the randomness

  88. smffh, ur santa ltter is hilariouss, ii cant believe he got u light up sneakers, but be greatful imagine it was a box of cherrrios [ cereal ] or even worstt a Romeo &Juliet CD/DVD ”/ Lmfaoo

  89. Neshhh.

    really read the whole blog in within a few hours. it’s like all the things i be thinkin’ in my head ; you voiced ( well typed ) em. i still can’t get over the santa story where you be like “i should MAGICALLY bus you in yo head” lmfao! funny should. i even enjoyed the lil stories. funny shit. you’ve gained a new reader. i shall be checking back everyday for a new blog entry!

  90. Raquel

    truth! Not one bit wasn’t, and I learned somethin` bout` niggas n dey jumpoffs. The one I can relate to is the 1 bout` fat asszs. I been hearin` dat shiiit since elementary!

  91. D

    I cannot STAND when people knock then walk in!!!!

  92. Niecy

    [They be looking like “how the f*ck you aint got NO azz.“]

    That is like my #1. question when I see a girl w/ no azz at all!

    Shout out to them ladies w/ fat assez!

  93. kandyman, lmao man this mess is crazii, you got me & mah moma rollin though. keep em coming 🙂

  94. – I really just sat there and read every sinqle thinq . It was funny thouqh like , I didn’t want to stop readinq it . Keep them cominq ! :]

  95. yannieee

    lmaoo , wow -_-

  96. Denise

    Umm where is the random posts by kandyman? Why does it say “Pow” instead?

  97. kayceeveggies

    why does it just say funny shit coming soon? where’s the posts at?

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